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Why to use the portal

The GrainTerminal is a web application for easy connection of producers and processors in the sector Cereals and Grains. The GrainTerminal can only be used by verified users, who gain with that a simple tool for secure purchases in the whole of Central Europe. Farmers can sell directly to Germany, Austria and Poland, where there is a huge demand for cereals. Processors gain a simple and clear tool for the management of economically advantageous purchases of raw materials into their production.

How it works?

1 / Conclusion of the contract for
2 / Transfer of money to the tied account at ČSOB
3 / Expedition of goods from the farmer to the processor
4 / Payment for goods free of defects from the tied account at ČSOB

Why to use the portal  GrainTerminal?
Best price on the market

Best price on the market

The application GrainTerminal is only intended for registered, verified and reliable users. These are, on the one hand, producers-farmers and on the other hand processors, or companies exporting European overproduction outside our continent. Each of the proved and verified users has the opportunity to place his offers, or respond to offers from other users and possibly still improve his conditions through the portal and conclude a binding purchase contract legitimately. This direct contact is the best condition to achieve the best price for both parties.

Guaranteed trading and payment security

An inseparable part of the system is the function of the payment place, by means of deposit accounts, in crowns, euro and zloty. The project partner for the purpose of ensuring settlement of purchase price payments is the Czech-Slovakian commercial bank (ČSOB), where the accounts in individual currencies are held under the name 'Deposited Funds of Grainterminal Operations'. They are subject to a special control mode when we, as accounts owner, have waived part of our rights in favor of transparency and credibility.

Guaranteed trading and payment security

We offer complete services,
which the commodity can meet during
the journey from the field to the recipient.
Here is a few random examples:


Quality analysis of commodities


Providing an offer of post-harvest lines or storage silos


Ensuring the financing of purchase of goods, on the basis of specific ongoing trade within the portal, ČSOB offers free of charge a non-binding offer for a financing tailored to customer requirements.


Arranging transports of traded commodities, both by truck and by rail (including ensuring of loading of the complete train at open stations)

If you have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact us.